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Need Dollars for Your Nonprofit?

Fund raising is an exciting venture that allows your organization to work together and raise the money you need to fund the projects that matter to you. Working together on a well planned project that offers value to donators, will strengthen your organization. Success will allow your members to feel a sense of accomplishment. Face it, there are few things harder for most of us than asking our friends and family to invest in our projects. Our plants practically sell themselves. Plants provide beauty and value. They improve the environment and enhance our communities. With our help and your planning, you can organize a fundraiser that will far exceed most alternatives.


We have been working with community organizations for more than 30 years to fund projects that benefit our community. A properly run fundraiser can reap profits that will allow you to accomplish your mission to the community. Any season provides opportunities to sell plants. In the spring, geraniums, petunias, and impatiens are popular flowers with sure fire sales appeal. Late spring brings butterfly bushes and perennials. Fall brings garden mums –those bright colors are ever popular. October ushers in pansies probably the easiest and most popular of all the projects we provide. And of course, the Holiday Season brings the popular poinsettia. We have many more ideas, but you need to work a season ahead. It requires 60-90 days to execute a project.  Proper planning takes the risk out of the project. Call Sam now for details…..252-492-6166.