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Dear Samuel,



Our family at Franklin Brothers Nursery wants to wish you a happy and safe Memorial Day. We also hope that you will take time to honor our fallen heroes who gave the ultimate sacrifice as well as those who came home as heroes and are since departed our world. My dad, Samuel Franklin was one of the heroes who returned from WW II. He was an humble man who served our nation with pride. He saw first hand those who gave it all for their country. He was one of the lucky ones who returned and help build upon the success of his forefathers.  Unfortunately, freedom's price is still being paid by those who serve now. Young men who were but children in high school a year ago are now honored this Memorial Day.Join with us in enjoying the freedoms we have and yet remembering those that paid the price. A heartfelt thank-you......


Mother's Day Winner Announced
Congratulations Leigh Edwards of Middleburg, NC. Leigh won a $100 gift certificate in our annual Mother's Day drawing. Thanks again to all mothers.

Stella d oro' Daylily
Marigold Safari Bolero
Bedding Plants
Dramatic savings on our "Jumbo 6 packs". They come 36 per flat for just $12.00. Mix or match
Our Price: $15.00
Sale  Price: $12.00


Stella d oro' Daylily
Rudbeckia 'Blackeyed Susan'
Do you need a long blooming perennial with bright colors? Look no further than Blackeyed Susan. This plant makes a great addition to any border and will reliably return each year.
1 Quart  $3.99
1 Gallon $6.99

Francee has to be the most popular plant for shade and part shade areas. It loves the heat and forms a mound that will accent any landscape.

1 quart :3.99

Hanging Baskets, Pots
Boston Fern Hanging Baskets
The Queen of hanging baskets. Looks great and adds a certain elegance to the porch, patio, or deck. We have great supplies of this plant available.
Sale $10.00
Combination Filler Pots

These 8" pots are fat and full of color. Luscious combinations of colors that work well together are a hallmark of our planters. Come and copy ours in part or whole. The color patterns, foliage textures, and plant arrangements are sure to delight. You choose the plants, bring your container and we will plant it for nominal charge that includes the potting soil. Container gardening is in.

12" Window Boxes  $8.99
8" Filler Pots   $9.99
10" Pots  $19.99
12" Pots  $24.99


Sun Coleus
Do you want a plant that is tough as nails and gives season long color even in the Sun? Look no further than our selections of sun coleus. These plants have multicolored foliage that delights the senses and they are easy to grow. Try them as a "thriller" in a combo or as "fillers" in the landscape.
4" Pots: reg $3.99 now $2.99


Memorial Day and the first of June are perfect times to plant vegetables and flowers
Tomato Spotlight- Mortgage Lifter
This huge heirloom beefsteak (up to 4 pounds; average 2 1/2 pounds) consistently wins taste-tests. Developed in the 1930's by a gardener who planted the four biggest varieties he knew, and crossed one with pollen from the other three. He did this for six seasons and created a variety that produced immense, tasty fruit. He sold the 1000 plants for $1 each- $1,000 a year - and paid off his mortgage in six years.

4" Pot: $.99
4 pack: $1.49


Fresh Basil and Dill
Fresh Squash, onions, and a pinch of dill sautéed with olive oil. Tasty and healthy make this combination a delight to prepare for a summer cookout. We have kitchen container gardens that are both attractive and will provide all the fresh herbs you will need.
4" Pots: $3.99
Herb Bowls: $12.99


Ornamental Vegetables?
Foliages and flowers of vegetables can be mixed in the flower garden for both functional use and their food value. This Okra produces an abundance of blooms and its upright habit ads flare to the landscape.
4" Pots: $.99
4 Pack: $1.49


Peppers add flavor to a lot of good things we eat. Whether they are sweet, banana, or a host hot peppers they are easy to grow and can add color to the landscape while providing nutritious compliments to all sorts of dishes.
4" Pots: $.99
4 Pack: $1.49


Memorial Day is a great time to plant vegetables and summer annuals
The warm days of May signal it is time to plant those tasty vegetables and Herbs. We have a great selection of plants grown with organic practices. They are healthy and ready to thrive.
Samuel Franklin Jr
Franklin Brothers Nursery and Greenhouses, Inc

Firepower Nandina

Please print and bring this coupon or download it to your smart phone and present it to the cashier. Feel free to share this offer with friends and family.
Save  $5.00
take $5.00 off any
 Rose Plant

Offer Expires June 1, 2012
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